Falling Skies Renewed for Season 4

Even though Falling Skies has only just reached the mid point of season 3 in the USA and has not even started broadcasting in the UK yet, TNT has seen fit to grant it another season. Falling Skies is the number 1 scripted cable offering so far this Summer and the current viewing figures suggest that it is gaining popularity as well with figures for season 3 so far slightly higher than those for season 2.

So, as season 3 apparently has been a blast so far (I haven’t seen it yet as I am in the UK), Falling Skies fans should be happy to see that the story is not set to end just yet. If past seasons are anything to go by the ten new episodes of season 4 will air from June 2014.

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  1. fallling skies is great tv shows.love the cast.its always keep me the edge.i cant wait instill it comes back.keep up the good works.

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