Falling Skies Season 2, Episode 5 – Love and Other Acts of Courage

Ok, so now the story deepens as we discover that the Skitters have actually been trying to resist their ‘overlords’ for over a century but they have always failed in their quest. The Skitter we have previously referred to as Red Eye, the one who helped torture Tom while he was on board the alien ship is trying to defect and through Ben and Rick makes contact with the 2nd Mass.

The fact that there is a resistance movement within the alien invasion itself is a great twist to the story. Humanity is no longer own its own in the fight against the aliens, and although Tom, Weaver and the 2nd Mass are sceptical about what old Red Eye had to say, it does sound promising.

Unfortunately as Red Eye was being interrogated he also revealed that an alien death squad was on its way to kill him and the 2nd Mass. As the attack begins some of the 2nd Mass want to kill the Skitter for leading them to their camp. As Red Eye escapes, Rick gets in the way of a gun shot and is killed.

On another note, it seems that Hal and Maggie are growing closer and at one point actually shared a kiss. That’s gonna lead to trouble me thinks.



  1. ken

    Been a fan from the beginning but getting a bit confused.
    Let me see if I have this straight.Ninety percent of the population is wiped out and survivors are being hunted.SO WHAT DO THEY DO.They find a nice big building(hospital)and light it up like a christmas tree. Come on!!!

    • Falling Skies

      I must admit, I thought exactly the same thing. Why not put a neon sign on the roof flashing “Humans here – come and get us!”

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