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Noah Wyle Marries

Noah Wyle Married

Falling Skies’ very own Tom Mason, actor Noah Wyle has tied the know in a ceremony at his ranch in Santa Barbara, California. After a three year long relationship with Sara Wells, the two decided it was time to make it official. Noah was previously married to Tracy Warbin, who is the mother of his two children but they divorced in 2009.

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Falling Skies Season 4 Trailer

Falling Skies Season 4

Falling Skies season 4 will premiere in the USA at 10/9c on Sunday June 22nd and if previous seasons are anything to go by, that means that the show will screen in the UK only a couple of weeks later. As far as we know, no UK air date has yet been confirmed. We do know though that season 4 will have two more episodes than season 3, 12 instead of 10. While we are waiting for June to come around (or maybe the beginning of July in the UK) we can sit back and start to ponder what we should be expecting to see as the first official trailer for Falling Skies season 4 was released a couple of weeks ago (sorry, we were a little slow there). We knew that Alexis was ‘special’ and not entirely human but … Continue reading

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Falling Skies – Season 3, Episode 2, Collateral Damage – Trailer

Falling Skies, Season 3, Episode 2 - Collateral Damage

Hostilities are once again escalating and Tom is looking for an edge that will give the resistance an advantage, so he calls in a nuclear specialist known as The Rat King. Meanwhile the hunt goes on for the mole and suspicions continue to mount and Tom and his leaders make a decision that could undermine any trust that is left within the group. After the birth of her baby, Anne feels that everything isn’t quite as it should be. Don’t miss episode 2 of Falling Skies season 3, Tuesday 23rd July only of Fox.

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Falling Skies Season 3 – Premieres Tomorrow Night in the UK – Trailer

Falling Skies Season 3, Episode 1 - On Thin Ice

Hey everyone, just in case you missed it, season 3 of Falling Skies premieres tomorrow night in the UK. Don’t miss out on what promises to be the best season yet if any of the feedback coming out of the USA is to be believed, where they have already seen the first few episodes. In the first episode of the new season, Tom’s leadership comes under scrutiny as he decides to let the Skitters fight alongside the human resistance. So, don’t forget to put it in your diaries. Tuesday night, 16th July, only on Fox. Just to get you in the mood, here is a sneak peak of episode 1 which is called “On Thin Ice”

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Falling Skies Renewed for Season 4

Falling Skies Season 3 Poster

Even though Falling Skies has only just reached the mid point of season 3 in the USA and has not even started broadcasting in the UK yet, TNT has seen fit to grant it another season. Falling Skies is the number 1 scripted cable offering so far this Summer and the current viewing figures suggest that it is gaining popularity as well with figures for season 3 so far slightly higher than those for season 2. So, as season 3 apparently has been a blast so far (I haven’t seen it yet as I am in the UK), Falling Skies fans should be happy to see that the story is not set to end just yet. If past seasons are anything to go by the ten new episodes of season 4 will air from June 2014.

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